Pets help you seek relaxation, soothe your mind, and relieve your stress. Spending a few minutes with your pet, such as your dog, could make you feel relaxed.

Seeing that pets always help us relax while we are down and out, it is quite understandable to know that these uncertified therapists of nature need some relaxation as well.

This is especially true for pets who suffer from chronic anxiety, stress, or phobia. Such pets need special attention and targeted care, so that they remain in their optimal overall health and proper well being.

Pets Need Relaxation Just as Much as Their Humans Do

Some time to lay back and relax is highly necessary for pets, whether they have special needs or simply need to go about their day like other balls of fur and energy.

That much needed relaxation could come in the form of physical, gentle playtime or with a few soothing exercises. Keep an eye on pets that are more prone to stress, such as dogs, so that you could help them when they are in need of relief.

How Can Your Dogs Relax During Times of Stress?

Dogs who are prone to stress could become tense during certain situations, especially when they are away from their owners. But a specialized doggie daycare could ensure that such dogs get the level of attention and care that they deserve.

Here are a few ways how dogs and other pets could relax during their times of stress.

Listening to Music

Acoustic therapy isn’t only for humans anymore.

And if you are a fan of reggae or soft rock, your dog fall may be a fan as well. This has been observed in a research with multiple dogs.

The next time you hear soft tunes playing during playtime at a doggie daycare, you know that it is all being done to relax the dogs at the facility.

Watching Videos

YouTube is a great form of distraction – and some procrastination – for humans. But it is not only a platform for cute cat videos. Dogs could benefit from it too.

Watching targeted videos that are created with slow-moving images and soft sounds helps your dog relax. That is also one of the reasons why playtime is often followed by TV-watching by a lot of dogs at home.

Physical Contact

Cuddles and snuggles are for everyone. Learning that it works the same way for dogs isn’t that surprising.

Physical contact such as petting, gentle rubbing, or snuggling with their owners or a familiar human helps dogs relax.The staff at a proficient doggie daycare is highly adept in maintaining physical contact in a way that calms the pets under their care.

The key to relaxing a stressed pet is to know whether they are simply stressed due to a temporary situation, a permanent mental issue, or a physical discomfort. Knowing this helps you and relevant professionals approach the care and relaxation techniques optimally.